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Hourly Clean
MR & MRS CLEAN - The Specialist In The House Cleaning
The mr & mrs clean team has the expertise in house cleaning, skills in tidying up. We are supplying to customers the Hourly Clean service to reach the luxury and convenience.
Enjoy the high-class and ​​sophisticated life in the simplest possible way with mr & mrs clean.
Hourly Clean
Chúng tôi làm theo yêu cầu của khách hàng
We Satisfy The Request Of The Customer
  • 02 Professional Staff
  • Cleaning detergents imported directly from the US
  • Tools and equipment
  • Specialized machinery to work
  • Disposable towels imported from the US
  • 100% confidential security
Please Remember To Request In Detail For mr & mrs clean
Beds, mattresses, sheets, pillows, dressing tables, wardrobes, clothes, etc.
Living room
Living room
Sofa, painting, piano, carpet, etc.
Lavabo, toilets, washing machines, mirrors, glasses, etc.
Pans, pots, cups, bowls, cookers, machines, etc.
Hourly Clean Service Differences
Điểm khác biệt của vệ sinh theo giờ
  • Only perform according to customer requirements.
  • Does not include curtains washing, carpet cleaning, mattress washing, sofa, air-conditioning cleaning, floor tile grout whitening.
  • Stay punctual.
  • Customers don't need to supervise the process.
  • Assets security with reimbursement commitment of MR & MRS CLEAN.
  • Furniture preserved by proper cleaning and specialized detergents.
  • No need to purchase chemicals and tools for cleaning.
  • No need to sign a contract with a fixed working time. As soon as you need to clean the house, dial 0938.388.988.
  • Flexible cleaning schedule is available at MR & MRS CLEAN.
  • Call us right away if you need the best quality service
We Are Ready To Answer All Your Questions

Does MR & MRS CLEAN secure my property?
One of MR & MRS CLEAN's bold commitments is to ensure 100% of asset safety. You can refer to Asset Safety for peace of mind!

Do I need to prepare anything to support your work?
We need you to support electricity and water to perform cleaning services. MR & MRS CLEAN will supply high-class detergents imported from the US, machinery, equipment, specialized wipes, and other cleaning essentials.

Do I need to stay home while MR & MRS CLEAN do the service?
When using Hourly Clean, you need to stay home to tell us what you need and keep track of the schedule. With other cleaning services from MR & MRS CLEAN, you don't need to stay home while we perform them.

Are cleaning workers trained?
The staff of MR & MRS CLEAN was trained for 45 days before performing service.

How will my pet be while MR & MRS CLEAN work?
MR & MRS CLEAN is pet-friendly so it is not necessary to take pets out while we work. If your pets are sensitive to the presence of strangers in the house, MR & MRS CLEAN hopes you have suitable care solutions for pets while we perform the service.

How to book a service?
Booking cleanup service is simple and easy Step 1: Customers have 3 ways to book the service: via Hotline 0938.388.988 or Fanpage or Website MR & MRS CLEAN Step 2: Admin sends Booking to customer email Step 3: Customer pays 50% of the service value Step 4: MR & MRS CLEAN finish the job Step 5: Customer checks, takes over and pays the remaining (50%) Hope to meet you again!
We Are Ready To Answer All Your Questions