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Raise Vietnamese Living Standard
I spent more than half of my life working in America. After returning home, I brought along the desire to contribute to a rich and beautiful Vietnam.

I have seen photos of austere cleaning workers who hauled on a shabby motorbike with their dirty clothes and dirty towels on their shoulders. They defy the safety of themselves and other people in traffic by carrying bulky and rudimentary tools... I realized that hygiene was considered an inferior profession in Vietnamese society. Respect was a luxurious desire because people often complained about the robbery, unprofessional working methods, and unenthusiasm.

Consequently, Vietnamese houses lack proper care, the deterioration happens quickly. Dust and the musty smell are unavoidable that affect negatively to the physical and mental health of the house owners.

My dedicated team and I have spent three years collecting all the shortcomings of other companies. Then, we found out the solutions to overcome and turn them into our strength. I determined and accepted to exchange plenty of vital things in my life for only one thing in return, which is the "high-class" of a cleanup service brand called MR & MRS CLEAN.

It is not easy to change the face of a profession in society. For me, "nothing is impossible". We put all of our enthusiasm into the brand, decisively pursue perfection in each piece of service, and do what others cannot.

The success of MR & MRS CLEAN is a team of professional staff who are experts in sanitation. They never feel ashamed about their job and own a positive spirit with professional and sophisticated skills. Besides, we also possess a unique cleaning process, specialized cleaning detergents selected from the US, smart aids, and a professional service style. All of our values ​​​​have shown in the satisfaction which is "beyond the expectation" of our clients.

Join us, the "Gentlemen" and "Ladies" of MR & MRS CLEAN to "Raise Vietnamese living standard"

Best regards!
Brand Position
Brand Position
Comes From The Divergent Points
Although there are a lot of industrial cleanup services, MR & MRS CLEAN is proud to provide high-end cleanup services for apartments and villas only. While others are confident of their cheap service – MR & MRS CLEAN is proud of our high price service.
MR & MRS CLEAN brings labor value to every house.
  • Not only cleaning, but we also aim for sterile living spaces.
  • Not just a solution to save time, we offer freedom.
  • As a solution to complete household chores, MR & MRS CLEAN is one of the ways to enjoy life.
Civilized Environment
High-class Service - Professional Team
Choose Us To Enjoy The High-End Quality Of Life
A divergent cleaning process, professional team, high-class service will bring satisfaction beyond your expectations. The service is tried-and-trusted by thousands of business clients in Vietnam
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Choose Us To Enjoy The High-End Quality Of Life
Top Service Quality
“We put our enthusiasm into the brand, decisively pursue perfection in every piece of our service, and do what others cannot”
High-quality cleaning detergents from the US
  • FDA certification - The US Food and Drug Safety Administration
  • On each type of material surface, MR & MRS CLEAN will have a specialized detergent to handle
  • Ensure the gloss and freshness of furniture/objects.
  • Luxurious fragrance
High-quality cleaning detergents from the US
Professional and delicate staff
  • Selected from candidates with great qualifications and character
  • Work full time
  • Overcome 45 days of basic technical training and other advanced training courses basing on the leading American specialist curriculum
Friendly - Professional - Elite - Delicate
Professional and delicate staff
American standard cleaning process
  • Divergent cleaning process
  • Not a single corner is left out
  • All items are cleaned - disinfected - scientifically arranged
Cleanliness per centimeter
American standard cleaning process
Specialized vehicle
  • Bring a modern and spacious image to the city
  • Ensure punctuality and fully transport tools and service detergents
  • Ensure the safety of clients' assets
Specialized vehicle
Specialized disposable wipe
  • Prevent bacterial cross-contamination from house to house, from place to place
  • Does not cause scratches
  • Easily biodegradable, environment-friendly
Specialized disposable wipe
Free handyman service
    Free repair of minor damages in the house such as bulbs replacement, leaking faucets repair, bolts and loose objects enhancement, etc.
    Free handyman service
    Property safety and Information security
      One of MR & MRS CLEAN's commitments is to ensure 100% safety of customers' assets
      Property safety and Information security
      100% satisfaction guarantee
        MR & MRS CLEAN is happy when clients are satisfied with the service. We are ready to fix the imperfection immediately and are willing to work for free if customers are still not pleased with service quality.
        100% satisfaction guarantee
        We Are Ready To Answer Your Concern

        Does MR & MRS CLEAN secure my property?
        One of MR & MRS CLEAN's commitments is to ensure 100% safety of customers' assets. You can consult at Asset safety for absolute peace of mind!

        What do you need me to support your work?
        We need the clients to support electricity and water to perform cleaning services. MR & MRS CLEAN are fully equipped with high-grade detergents imported from the US, machinery, equipment, specialized wipes, and other cleaning essentials.

        Do I need to stay home while MR & MRS CLEAN perform the service?
        When using Hourly Cleaning, you need to stay home to tell us what you need and keep track of your schedule. With other cleanup services, you don't need to be at home because we have a unique process and standardize the service quality.

        Are cleaning workers trained?
        The staff of MR & MRS CLEAN was trained for 45 days before performing service.

        How will my pet be while MR & MRS CLEAN work?
        MR & MRS CLEAN is pet-friendly so it is not necessary to take pets out while we work. If your pets are sensitive to the presence of strangers in the house, MR & MRS CLEAN hopes you have suitable care solutions for pets while we perform the service.

        How to book a service?
        Booking our services is simple. Step 1: Contact via our customer care channels including Hotline 0938.388.988 or Fan Page or Website os MR & MRS CLEAN Step 2: Admin sends Booking to client's email Step 3: The client needs to deposit 50% of the service value Step 4: MR & MRS CLEAN performs the service Step 5: The client does an acceptance inspection and pays the rest See you again!
        We Are Ready To Answer Your Concern