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Post-Construction Clean
No dirt - Disinfection -Deodorant
After a long construction, a new project has been gradually completed with the expectation of each owner. However, the dust and odor after construction ruin the homeowner's excitation. Dust is everywhere, in the air, in the ceiling, and on the wall surfaces. The smell of paint, wood, wall glue, new furniture makes the homeowners feel uncomfortable.

To solve them all, mr & mrs clean would like to introduce our comprehensive post-construction clean service.
  • Handling 100% of the dust in the air
  • Handling 100% of post-construction odors
  • Ensuring the space is thoroughly sterile
  • Handling post-construction errors such as glue stains, paint stains
Applied High Technology Transferred From America And Professional Working Style, mr & mrs clean can do what others cannot.
MR & MRS CLEAN Ensures About Our Post-Construction Clean:
  • Thorough clean - Absolute deodorization - Comprehensive disinfection
With The High Standard And High-Class Clean Services, MR & MRS CLEAN Is Responsible For Removing Any Unnecessaries In Your Home.
Thorough clean
Thorough clean
Commit to getting rid of dust completely after 1 service
Absolute deodorization
Absolute deodorization
Ventilate the air, remove pollution from paints, chemicals, and building materials.
Deep clean and polish
Deep clean and polish
Scrub the floor tile grout, clean door edges and partitions, and polish stainless steel and wood equipment.
Comprehensive disinfection
Comprehensive disinfection
Remove harmful and uncomfortable scents, and apply fresh scents with American standards to the house.
We Are Ready To Answer All Your Questions

The contractor will clean the house before handing it over. Why do I need MR & MRS CLEAN's post-construction cleaning service?
The contractor will remove any remaining construction waste, debris, or tools but dust and the smell. It is not safe and qualified enough to move in right away. Ads a result, you need MR & MRS CLEAN services.

How long do I have to pre-book?
Normally, customers pre-book the service from 3 to 5 days. During peak periods such as holidays and New Year, customers need to book 2 weeks in advance.

How long does it take to clean the house?
For small houses with an area of ​​fewer than 300 m2, MR & MRS CLEAN only need 01 day to perform. For a large house, it will be longer. If the customer requests to do it during the day or other special time requirements, MR & MRS CLEAN can guarantee the best home cleaning plan!

What if the house hasn't finished construction by the cleaning day?
MR & MRS CLEAN always accompany customers in all situations. We will regularly update construction progress to arrange a suitable cleaning schedule. In some cases, MR & MRS CLEAN is ready to service together with other construction teams to ensure the time of receiving your new house.

Is it necessary to stay home while MR & MRS CLEAN performs the service?
MR & MRS CLEAN has an overall and perfect process for newly built house cleaning. We own specialized cleaning detergents and modern machines to do it best. Hence, the client doesn't need to be at home to guide or control the process.

How to book a service?
Booking cleanup service is simple and easy Step 1: Customers have 3 ways to book the service: via Hotline 0938.388.988 or Fanpage or Website MR & MRS CLEAN Step 2: Admin sends Booking to customer email Step 3: Customer pays 50% of the service value Step 4: MR & MRS CLEAN finish the job Step 5: Customer checks, takes over and pays the remaining (50%) Hope to meet you again!
We Are Ready To Answer All Your Questions