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Regular Clean
Maintain High-Class Living Spaces
In addition to the harmful effects of living environment and time, improper home care has caused Vietnamese houses to deteriorate rapidly. Besides, house restoration is often costly and disturbs homeowners' lives. Using original maid services do not satisfy you, is time-consuming, and the lack of professionalism in the field of cleaning and communication annoys you sometimes.

MR & MRS CLEAN introduces Regular clean service to you as a solution to overcome all the obstacles in cleaning your home and bring absolute peace of mind about living space. Regular clean service is the cleaning of the entire home space, rearranging any items that have been disturbed since the last work, maintaining the cleanliness standards that have been achieved after doing the Deep clean service.
Outstanding Advantages
Bring in the ambition of "Raising the Vietnamese Life" - MR & MRS CLEAN is careful on every smallest detail of service, conscientious on every touchpoint in each home.
  • Always On Time - Stable schedule
  • Chemicals from the US - Safe cleaning, ensuring the quality of every item in the house
  • Professional cleaning specialist - Careful and Smart
  • No professional guidance required, no completion time imposed
  • Deodorization - comprehensive disinfection of the house
  • Free Handyman service - repairing small damages in the house with electricity/water/appliances.
  • Property safety - Information security
  • Diversified & 24/7 customer care system
Outstanding Advantages
Monthly/Quarterly Special Items Of Regular Clean Service
The Best Home Cleanup And Maintenance Service In Vietnam
Air conditioning system
Clean the air conditioner front grille/filter

Intensive cleaning of the air conditioner with professional cleaning tools
Scrubbing floors and whitening floor tile grout
Clean - Scented - absolutely sterile

Maintain cleanliness to the floor tile grout

The special process and technique are only available at mr & mrs clean for floors every week.
Cleaning Sofa - Carpet
Depending on the surface material is draper, fabric or leather, mr & mrs clean will have specialized chemicals for intensive cleaning weekly.

Decorative carpets:
Cleaning weekly at home or specially handled at the company.
Changing Foot Carpet
At door entry locations, mr & mrs clean will replace a new foot carpet each time Regular clean service is performed. This is a completely free service from mr & mrs clean.
Private tools kit
On the first day of periodic cleaning service, mr & mrs clean will bring 01 new set of tools and place them permanently in each house. Tools are replaced regularly after using to ensure their privacy and safety.
Bed Mattress
Clean the mattress surface with a UV projector - Replace the pillow cover.

Wash mattresses with high-quality chemicals from the US and specialized machinery.
Quality Control
Quality Control
Sterile Space Thanks To 3 Steps
Overall Process
Not a single corner is left out, everything is cleaned, disinfected and scientifically arranged.
High Quality Chemicals
To achieve high efficiency in cleaning, safety for the user and the surface of the material, mr & mrs clean's detergents also have absolute disinfecting effect.
Unique Skills
mr & mrs clean trains our staff to find stains and handle them all.
We Are Ready To Answer All Your Questions

What will the Regular clean service do?
- Cleaning dust, cleaning stains on every centimeter. - Maintaining the tidy and scientific arrangement of all objects and furniture. - Cleaning at high places, cleaning the outside of the house. - Cleaning the entire system of glass/glass doors/other doors. - Cleaning inside/outside all electronic/household appliances in the house. - Killing germs of bacteria that can harm family health: cleaning mattresses/carpets/curtains/sofa. - Disinfecting and deodorizing according to the method of MR & MRS CLEAN - Providing handyman service (check & repair small damages in the house) for free - Replacing foot carpets at the door locations (carpets provided by MR & MRS CLEAN) - Other jobs to ensure the house is always clean - orderly - fresh after MR & MRS CLEAN performs the service.

How many times a week should Regular clean service be done?
The number of cleaning times per week will depend on the needs of the customer. We will implement fully the sessions required by customers. Usually, MR & MRS CLEAN customers choose 1 time per week or 2 times per week because MR & MRS CLEAN will perform very carefully every items in the house for each cleaning.

How long does each period take?
MR & MRS CLEAN does not impose a time for Regular clean service, meaning that we will stop when the job is done, do not stop depending on the hour. However, due to the knowledge of each house, each customer, MR & MRS CLEAN will arrange the appropriate number of employees so that the average time of each session is from 2.5 to 3 hours. We shorten cleaning time to ensure not to disturb the homeowner's activities.

How many employees are there each time?
Depending on the area of the house and the workload of each family, MR & MRS CLEAN will arrange appropriate number of staffs. On average for an apartment with an area of less than 100m2, it will need from 02 to 03 staffs/time. For a villa of 500m2 will need 06-08 staff to work periodically in about 03 hours.

If I have a maid, do I need a Regular clean service of MR & MRS CLEAN?
95% of customers who use MR & MRS CLEAN periodically have maids staying in the house. The housekeeper will do daily tasks to support the owner such as shopping, cooking, laundry, washing dishes, looking after the house, or other chores in the house.
MR & MRS CLEAN does not replace the maid's job but will do things that the maid cannot do. These are things that need expertise in the field of hygiene, need for health, specialized chemicals, equipment, and supporting machinery.

Can I change staff?
MR & MRS CLEAN serves customers with the criterion "Bring absolute satisfaction". Every request to change to bring the best service to customers is prioritized. However, MR & MRS CLEAN want to share with you that only junior professional staff and above can perform Regular clean service, which means that the employees must have passed many training courses. After many challenges and being very professional, they can receive the tasks.

Do I need to prepare any kits or detergents?
Customers do not need to buy anything because the service fee is all-inclusive: - Professional - Friendly - Delicate Staff - Detergents imported from the US with FDA certificate - Disposable wipes - Specialized machinery, equipment, and tools MR & MRS CLEAN staff is not allowed to use any items/products in the customer's home, even a garbage bag or a paper towel. MR & MRS CLEAN will set up during the first periodic service: dishwashing pad, cup scouring, bucket, mop kit, broom and dustpan, toilet cleanup tools. Professionals will replace it weekly or when necessary.

Can I change my Routine Cleaning date?
Periodic cleaning will be agreed by the company and customers on a fixed day - time of the week, at that time, MR & MRS CLEAN will be present to perform the service. Customers can change their workday 1 week in advance when there are unexpected events.

How to pay the service fee?
Customers can pay the fee monthly/quarterly/6 months/12 months. MR & MRS CLEAN encourages long-term contracts so that we can plan to serve our customers most thoughtfully.

Can I only do Regular clean service but not do Deep clean service?
The unique and self-contained process of MR & MRS CLEAN is to perform intensive cleaning first to create a space that is sterile - orderly - fresh. After the clean standards have been met, the living spaces can be maintained with Regular clean service. We cannot clean periodically when: - There is dust in all over the ceiling/wall. - Dust and the stain has not been cleaned. - Pots and pans have not been cleaned and organized - Clothes, shoes, objects are mess in the closet. - There is still a musty and unpleasant smell in the house. - Errors because of wrong clean after construction, ect. With requests breaking the hygiene standards of MR & MRS CLEAN, we refuses to do so. We sincerely hope customers understand and sympathize!
We Are Ready To Answer All Your Questions