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Unpack - Arrangement
Perform After Post-Construction Clean Or Other Cleanups That Satisfy MR & MRS CLEAN Standards
It is wonderful to move into a new house. However, moving your things such as furniture, personal items, etc. from the old place to the new home is a big fear to all of us. Unpack - Arrangement of mr & mrs clean will assist customers to warm the new house. We will unpack, clean each item and arrange them according to our standards or customer's wishes.
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Delicacy On Each Touchpoint In Your Home
Delicacy On Each Touchpoint In Your Home
After Boxes Have Been Moved Into The House, mr & mrs clean Will Open Each Box, Clean Each Item And Arrange Them Scientifically
The arrangement will follow the customer's wishes or according to mr & mrs clean's standard:
  • Sort by function: Kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, decorative items, bathroom accessories, etc.
  • Sort by owner: Belongings of baby, homeowner's siblings, grandparents, etc.
  • Sort by size: Light above - heavy below, big inside - small outside, tall behind - short in front, etc.
  • Sort by brand
  • Sort by color: Dark below - light above or fading as required.
  • Ensure the safety rules for both users and items
  • Ensure the principle of symmetry and balance
  • Ensure aesthetics and sophistication
  • Ensure scientific and logical principles: easy to find - easy to see - easy to take - easy to leave
Why do customers always trust MR & MRS CLEAN?
  • Our working mindsets: professional - scientific - quick - reasonable
  • Our team memorizes the location of each item and can point them out if asked
  • Ensure the safety of customers' assets
Why do customers always trust MR <span class='font-light font-sans'>&</span> MRS CLEAN?
We Are Ready To Answer All Your Questions

Does MR & MRS CLEAN secure my property?
One of MR & MRS CLEAN's bold commitments is to ensure 100% of asset safety. You can refer to Asset Safety for peace of mind!

Can MR & MRS CLEAN remember the location of sorted items?
With MR & MRS CLEAN, each item has value and location. In the process, we are forced to understand and locate the item logically. Therefore, we are always able to answer any customer questions about what we have arranged.

How long does it take for Unpack - Arrangement?
Depending on the workload, MR & MRS CLEAN will notify you of the completion time. Usually, we can sort about 20-30 boxes per day.

Why does Unpack - Arrangement only happen after Post-construction Clean?
We cannot place clean items in places that are full of dust, dirt, or remnants of construction. We either cannot put clothes into the closet with smells of paint, dust, etc. To set up the best living space for each home, MR & MRS CLEAN needs to perform cleanup service before moving in.

How to book a service?
Booking cleanup service is simple and easy Step 1: Customers have 3 ways to book the service: via Hotline 0938.388.988 or Fanpage or Website MR & MRS CLEAN Step 2: Admin sends Booking to customer email Step 3: Customer pays 50% of the service value Step 4: MR & MRS CLEAN finish the job Step 5: Customer checks, takes over and pays the remaining (50%) Hope to meet you again!
We Are Ready To Answer All Your Questions